What is an SPR? How are releases named?

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What is an SPR? How are releases named?

Postby liz » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:14 pm

Answer by: PG Bartlett (PTC)
Last Updated: 2008-07-28

Our system provides the information you want but you have to go an extra step (or two) to find it. In your case, your call 5211212 became SPR 1251809. If you look up the status of SPR 1251809, you'll see a field that says "Resolved Release: maple-rev1."

If you already know what "maple-rev1" means and when it's coming out, then you're probably in the minority. For the rest of you, maple-rev1 is the 5.3 release scheduled for November or December.

Cracking the code will require another step. Maintenance releases (for example, 5.2 M020) are named explicitly, but minor and major releases are given project names. Sometimes the projects are named after trees (5.2 was Maple) and sometimes they're just revisions of that tree (Maple-Rev1 is 5.3). (The reason we do that is because we want the flexibility to change the release number late in the development cycle.)

To help you crack the code, I'll add project names to the Product Calendar on the support site at the next update.

Please feel free to continue sharing problems and experiences. Working together, we'll figure out how all the new systems work.


P.S. I just learned that SPR = Software Performance Report, not Software Problem Report. I guess it's because not all SPRs are bug reports.

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