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History of Arbortext Product Names

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:17 pm
by liz
Answer by: Liz Fraley (Single-Sourcing Solutions)
Last Updated: 2010-05-09

For more historical background on Arbortext and Adepters, consult the Arbortext article on Wikipedia

Editors note by Liz Fraley: Because of the meddling by PTC Marketing employees the Arbortext article on Wikipedia was the victim of speedy deletion. Rather than roll-back, the powers that be decided to remove the article completely

Arbortext Editor
Originally: Adept Editor
Later: Epic Editor
Currently: Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Publishing Engine
Originally: Epic e-Content Engine (E3)
Currently: Arbortext Publishing Engine (APE, or PE)

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
Originally: 3B2
Currently: Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP)

Arbortext IsoDraw
Originally: ITEDO IsoDraw
Currently: Arbortext IsoDraw

Originally: LBS
Currently: Arbortext for S1000D

XyEnterprise XOpus Editor
A variant was originally Epic Contributor or Epic Extend I can't remember which.