Fine-Tuning - Tricking Out Styler with APP

Video recordings, slides, and sample content from the Arbortext Monser Garage series.
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Fine-Tuning - Tricking Out Styler with APP

Postby S3ISysop » Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:06 am

Simon Taylor shows off the kind of high-quality layout you can get with Arbortext 6.0. He shows how you can take advantage of APP templates to get bleed tabs that are tied to page content and move up and down accordingly, fancy rules and borders, rounded corners on tables, and CMYK coloring, among other tricks. APP is the default print engine for Arbortext with the release of 6.0. Everyone on active maintenance now has access to all these features and more. Check out how simple it is to get high-quality layout in your every day documents.

Presented: 24 June 2011


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