Managing technical data sets using XML

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Managing technical data sets using XML

Postby liz » Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:45 pm

Presenter: Jonas Härdner, Simonsoft
Venue: Webinar, 26 March 2011

Product information on a data level is often managed by many different disciplines in a manufacturing company. Marketing looks after Data sheets, R&D has their own data set of product attributes and so on. The information is often stored in different databases or at worst just as a text string in a document.

The challenge is with growing product portfolios, increased regulations and large organizations, to manage this data-set in a single source environment and to be re-used in all depending documentation.

This session will present a possible way to solve the problem using XML and CMS as a single source using different layers of authoring to allow the whole organization to contribute. We also talk about how the data is easily is reused in to the XML based documentation.


Jonas Härdner, Simonsoft

Simonsoft is a company who distributes the Arbortext product portfolio to the complete Nordic market. Working with many experienced publishing companies in the Nordic region, we also provide these solutions directly to the end user, in specific cases.


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