How to lobby for enhancement requests?

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How to lobby for enhancement requests?

Postby liz » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:13 pm

Answer by: PG Bartlett
Last Updated: 2006-09-14

Editors note by Liz Fraley: Links updated 7/27/2008

There are several ways to lobby for your enhancement requests:
  • Even though they're mostly lurkers, lots of people in Arbortext R&D and product management pay close attention to the discussions on this forum. One little comment on adepters sometimes generates a lot of internal discussion. (We even have an internal email group for that purpose.)
  • PTC has a formal enhancement request system on our support site. Customers with current maintenance should have access. The second link below will take you straight to the enhancement request form.
  • On the page at: you'll find a description (which is not completely accurate) of PTC's enhancement request process along with a link to the enhancement request form at
  • Your account manager also knows how to get our attention.
  • You can join one of the Arbortext Technical Committees (TCs) and build a direct relationship with the product manager.
My team, which includes all of the Arbortext product managers, regularly reviews enhancement requests and tries to target the best ideas, especially if they're relatively easy or enormously popular, for upcoming releases. If we get multiple requests for the same enhancement, we link each of those requests to the same SPR so that we can see not only who but also how many are interested.

We are very interested in knowing what our customers want in future releases so that we can continue to earn your maintenance dollars. You will have a big voice by simply speaking up. You would probably be surprised how little noise you need to make to get attention.

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