Do DMC bookmarks and annotations survive uninstall/reinstall?

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Do DMC bookmarks and annotations survive uninstall/reinstall?

Postby liz » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:16 pm

Updated: 1/31/2012

Question from a customer

A question on annotations and bookmarks…do those stay behind and are they compatible with a new baseline/update packs. For instance if a page gets updated that you had annotations on do they remain? Or if you have a new version of the baseline and it gets installed in a different directory 2.0 versus 1.0. Are they persistent?


We have observed that annotations and bookmarks are preserved across an uninstall and reinstall of the DMC. This should generally be true as long as the name of the package remains the same and the structure and arrangement of the content is maintained. The DMC stores this data in the user’s home directory, separate from the DMC installation, so it can survive a transition from one baseline to another, or a reinstall of the same version.

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